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​Enrollment Detail

  1. During the above-mentioned designated registration period, candidates can register on the website of Mandarin Speaking Club Limited or fill in the registration form downloaded from the website and submit it by post.

    • Completed registration form

    • Crossed cheque (Please write: Mandarin Speaking Club Limited)

  2. If the registration information is incomplete or the information is incorrect, we have the right not to accept the application.​

  3. Please make sure you have paid enough postage. The sender is responsible for any consequences arising from the failure to pay sufficient postage.

  4. The mailing registration form is subject to the postmark date. Any delay or loss of the postal order will result in the failure to accept the registration form and registration fee before the deadline, and we will not be responsible for the examination.

  5. All paid fees will not be refunded and cannot be transferred or converted to other tests or other purposes.

Examination Venue:


  1. The examination is generally located in the YMCA office or school hall or classroom, the exact location of the test will be announced in the admission ticket.

  2. All candidates' parents or guardians are required to pick up the candidates to and from the test site before and after the test.

  3. If the young candidate decides to leave earlier, the candidate must contact the parent or guardian to pick up the test. The invigilator will assist accordingly depending on the actual situation.

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